"March Book Club"

on Saturday, 09 March 2013.

Book Club


When is the last time you read a good book? Not 50 Shades of Gray good, but a book that you pushed you, challenged you? I like a book that speaks to me, but I LOVE a book that shouts at me. I am motivated by the success of my sisters. I enjoy reading about women who've overcome obstacles and accomplished greatness. I thrive off of the secrets women leave in the pages of a good autobiography. It's been awhile since I've read a good book. I often assign my clients books to read as part of my career coaching packages, but I haven't sat down to a good book in a while.

Family First

on Friday, 08 February 2013.

Family First

Recently I had the honor and pleasure to speak to a group of courageous young women ages 14 -19 about my life and experiences as a teen mother. I was invited by Family First, an organization in downtown Atlanta that provides counseling and assistance to young pregnant and teen moms. I was ecstatic about the opportunity to speak with this group of women of course because even 20 years later I still identify myself as a teen mom....

Professional Branding

on Tuesday, 29 January 2013.

Andrea with Paula Ward, President of NCBW MECCA.

Andrea with Paula Ward, President of NCBW MECCA

So recently I had the pleasure of speaking to the National Coalition of Black Women MECCA Chapter on the topic of professional branding. It was refreshing to be in the presence of a passionate group of women whose mission includes empowering minority women...

This Will Change Your Forever

on Monday, 07 January 2013. Posted in Coaching

This Will Change Your Forever

"When you want to make changes you have to step outside of your situation. Seeing, for many of us, is believing." Coach Drea

The Event

The 2013 Vision Board Workshop is designed to awaken the desires of your heart and give you a vision of success. If you can't see it you can't make it happen. We will gather in a positive energy and agree that this year will be the change. (For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. Matthew 18:20)

Selfishly Happy

on Wednesday, 02 January 2013.

Selfishly Happy

A couple of weeks ago I made a comment about being "selfishly happy." I confessed that I made the decision a little more than a year ago to be selfishly happy and every moment since then has been better than the last. People seemed to connect with the statement and I was pleased that I allowed myself to be vulnerable and share a little of myself. Then, after the dust settled, the questions started pouring in. I was asked, time and time again what exactly it means to be selfishly happy. People said it sound so good, but after they read the statement they didn't know what to do with it. Someone even asked, when is selfish ever a good thing? So I thought I'd put a little meat on the bones of my statement and explain what selfishly happy means to me.

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