Beauty Calmed My Fears: WHM Day 1

on Thursday, 01 March 2012.

challengeConfession: I woke up this morning terrified. Today is the first day of the Live Well Women's History Month Challenge and I jumped out of bed early ready to be infused with some cosmic morsel of knowledge to boast about today. I turned on the news, cracked a window and starred at my vision board. I was in the perfect position to learn something new. Five minutes later and not a tad bit brighter, I decided this wasn't working. "I know," it told myself, "the dictionary!" So I made a deal with the universe. I would stop freaking out as long as I could learn a new word. I opened up to a random page in my Webster's Dictionary with the intent of just reading until I came across a word that I didn't know...easy breezy right? Wrong! Let's just say although you can't tell by my Word's With Friend's scores, your girl has a mean vocabulary. The dictionary wasn't helping.

I didn't have a whole lot of time to devote to getting smarter. My day was packed. First meeting at 9 a.m., full inbox, confirming catering for the March Live Well Ladies Luncheon, doctor's appointment. I had to keep it moving. Surely if I paid attention I would be infused with some crumb of wisdom at some point today right? I attempted in vain to reassure myself, but at some point I came to the irrational realization that this wasn't going to happen. "Why in the world did I issue such a bold challenge," I wondered.

Well by noon I had given in to the idea that wisdom was not going to share itself with me organically so I decided that I would find a new way home from work. Anyone who knows me knows that I am directionally challenged so that would be fun. There! My assignment was complete. I would do something new today. With that cloud of doom in my rearview I took a deep breathe, settled in and did what most entrepreneur/life coach/counselor/moms do when they're relaxing...I got on Facebook.

When I logged into Facebook one of the first posts that appeared was a status from one of the dynamic women that I follow; Akilah S. Richards,founder of the Life Design Agency. Akilah is one of my virtual sisters in the struggle to uplift and empower women like you and me. Well in her post she was shouting out a woman in her circle that was doing something really cool for Women's History Month.

Ivy LaArtista is a make-up artist extraordinaire. For the month of March Ms. Ivy has decided to dedicate her energy to sharing and celebrating women who were doing wonderful things. How deliciously awesome is that idea? Click here for a link to her project. Learning about Ms. Ivy's Women's History Project made my day. Ha! I learned something. So I've decided to save driving home a different way for another day in March. Instead I invite you to share in my discovery by visiting Ms. Ivy LaArtista.

So what did you do? What did you learn? Waiting for your comments!

Love you ladies!

Coach Drea

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