Let it Go Ladies!

on Monday, 05 March 2012. Posted in Coaching

Let it_goI've held many titles: mother, daughter, wife, business owner, etc. and not a single one of those titles comes with "do nothing" in the job description. Rest, somewhere along the line, has become a foreign word to me. This weekend was a little different. In my efforts to keep the challenge alive over the weekend I decided to take a break. Rest was my something new. Normally I work six days out of the week and use Sunday to prepare my home and my child to start over again on Monday. This weekend there were no clients, research or studying. I did not return one single email. I took the weekend just to hang out with my family and friends and of course enjoy my various social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and now...Pinterest.

While playing around on Pinterest I did happen to learn something. I'm following all of these creative minds who do really cool things like repurpose furniture. Of course I'm a want-to-be craftsperson. I'm not quite good at any form of crafting, but I love an attempt and I value the various expressions. So anyway I've been pinning all these really cool crafting ideas and decided that I want to try repurposing a piece of furniture. (Hint: I'd never heard of this phrase before this weekend, but check out these blogs for a couple of examples. (The The inadvertent Farmer, By Your Hands, In My Own Style)

What I learned over the weekend was that Craigslist has a section where people post stuff that they are willing to give away. It follows the whole saying that one person's junk is another person's treasure. So anyway I am now addicted to finding free stuff on Craigslist. I found THE PERFECT coffee table to repurpose, but I couldn't fit it into my car. I love my new car and scratching up my paint or leather seats with a discarded wooden table was NOT going to happen so I had to leave it there.

Anyways something really cool happened this weekend. My daughter's television died a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't extremely pressed to deal with it. We have a family television that she can watch and we are preparing for a move so I'm not looking to purchase more things for me to have to load and carry. BUT...you know that I believe in the cycle of giving and receiving right? I'm always telling my clients that sometimes we have to clean out our "stuff" to make room for our blessings. Well, how about we put that TV on the curb a couple of days ago and I found a new one two days later FREE on Craigslist? I'm now looking around the house for free things that I can give away next weekend. I want to show gratitude for the free television that I picked up over the weekend by giving some of my things away.

I bet if you examined your life you would find plenty of "stuff" that's blocking your blessings as well, Bag Lady. I would dare to venture that as you read this you can think of a person in your life that you need to let go. Give him to someone else ladies, you've learned what you were supposed to learn in that relationship. I'm almost certain that a couple of you are holding on to a job that's costing you more than it will ever make you. You know one of those jobs where you can hear your brain cells dying one by one throughout the day. I would be willing to wager a pretty heft amount of money that someone reading this right now has a whole bunch of non-flattering, outdated, improper-sized clothes in their closet that need to be disposed of. Give that stuff away ladies. There are some pretty serious divas out there that repurpose old clothes! Let your things take on a new life with someone else instead of dying with you.

It's March. This month is Women's History Month, but it's also a time when many of us start our Spring cleaning. This month I want to challenge you to dig deeper. Really examine what you have and what you want and let's start working to free ourselves of some of our "stuff."

If you need help with that you know where to find me.

Love you ladies!

Coach Drea

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