You'll Never Guess Why I Did It

on Monday, 25 July 2016. Posted in Home Office

You'll Never Guess Why I Did It













Over the weekend I made my first Facebook Live video. I knew it was only a matter of time before I made one, but until Saturday I honestly couldn’t think of any topic that I wanted to discuss. Well this weekend I walked into my office to work on a program and honestly just couldn’t do it. There was no way that I could get any work done in my condition. Check out the video on my Facebook page and then read below to learn what I’m doing to fix it.

Let it Go Ladies!

on Monday, 05 March 2012. Posted in Coaching

Let it_goI've held many titles: mother, daughter, wife, business owner, etc. and not a single one of those titles comes with "do nothing" in the job description. Rest, somewhere along the line, has become a foreign word to me. This weekend was a little different. In my efforts to keep the challenge alive over the weekend I decided to take a break. Rest was my something new. Normally I work six days out of the week and use Sunday to prepare my home and my child to start over again on Monday. This weekend there were no clients, research or studying. I did not return one single email. I took the weekend just to hang out with my family and friends and of course enjoy my various social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and now...Pinterest.

Lack of Order

on Wednesday, 05 October 2011. Posted in Goal Setting, Coaching

I believe in divine purpose. I believe in a creator that is not wasteful. I believe that I was created for a purpose (or many purposes). I believe the exact same thing about each and every one of my clients. I follow nature. I'm a gardener. It is overwhelming sometimes for me to sit in my garden and watch the natural order of things; the delicate cycle of life. In my garden I watch every creature, from the smallest bug to the largest tree, know its role and play its position. The ants march orderly, destined to fulfill their life's purpose. They are soldiers, protectors, warriors. Some are hunters and gatherers. Some ants care for the larvae and trust me they know when to fight and when to exit and regroup.

What I have learned from watching the creatures in my garden is that when you have a job to do and you believe that your mission is your reason for's hard to be depressed. I don't find too many ants abandoning ship in my backyard. Even when I displace their environment by planting a new crop or adding a stone decoration, the ant will fight very hard to return to its doing what it is supposed to be doing.

We have that same passion. We have that same desire. Our spirits are fighting to fulfill their purpose in the limited time that they have on this planet, but for many of us we are our own roadblock. Our thoughts, our narrow vision, our weak faith get in the way of us fulfilling our responsibilities to the universe. Lack of order creates space for chaos. Chaos in our minds can become disease in our bodies. Uncovering your path and discovering your passion in not a luxury it is a necessity.