Selfishly Happy Challenge

Written by Andrea Holyfield on Monday, 26 January 2015. Posted in Goal Setting

Live Well CPS Selfishly Happy Challenge

One of my most read, most loved and most shared blogs is Selfishly Happy. This has to date been the hardest blog for me to write. It was like peeling my skin off and allowing the world to see my insides. I sat on it for days before publishing it. Selfish is a bad word and I wasn't sure if my celebrating my selfishness would be received well. Boy was I glad that I pushed past my fears and insecurities and allowed myself to be raw in front of you.

A Very Important Job

on Wednesday, 16 May 2012. Posted in Coaching

heartbeatSo I have a bold statement to make; so bold in fact that I am slightly hesitant about voicing my opinion on the matter. When I let these words trickle off my lips I find myself covering my mouth and looking around nervously to see if anyone caught them, but oh well. It's time to come out of the closet with my beliefs. Who am I if I am not at least honest? Here we go... I think that I have one of the most important jobs in the world and I think EVERYONE should have a Career Counselor.

I mean I'm not sure how you define important, but when I look at my scale of importance my responsibilities are looking mighty heavy. Let's examine why I believe that I have one of the most important jobs in the world:

Fine By Summer Time

on Thursday, 19 April 2012. Posted in Goal Setting, Coaching

workout inspirationThis is my new inspiration. I am inspired by greatness, by beauty and by strength, but my love for all things chocolate and my crazy busy schedule has not allowed me to find the inspiration needed to get my body together. I've been living life in my comfort zone, married and not technically overweight, I've convinced myself that I'm "not that bad" or "at least I don't
look like that."

But all that has changed. My marriage is ending. Things are different. I have decided that ok is not enough. I am challenging myself to be more than "not that bad." It's not about weight. It's not about fat or skinny. I just want to be proud of me. I want to be great. I want to look great.

Your Network is Equal to Your Networth

on Tuesday, 21 February 2012.

women-workingIf you missed our January luncheon I know you're already regretting it. We had a BALL! In my line of work I meet wonderful women every day that are doing exciting things, have amazing ideas or are just plain brilliant. We talk in bubbles about work, friends and families, but seldom do those conversations intertwine. Until now!

Companion Gardening

on Wednesday, 05 October 2011. Posted in Goal Setting, Coaching

The other day I happened upon a concept that I was unfamiliar with. It's called companion gardening. As I try each season to develop my gardening skills, I was instantly drawn to the phrase and wanted to know more about it. The basic premise is that in nature there are certain plants that encourage the growth and development of others and certain that actually repel or depress the progression of their neighbors. Skilled companion gardeners take time to learn and research what plants should be positioned next to each other for optimal development.

The concept of companion gardening was intriguing to me not only as a novice gardener, but also as a therapist who specializes in women's empowerment. Immediately I began to marvel at my sister, Mother Nature, and the brilliant ways that she clues us in to how to live. If you understand companion gardening then you understand that the company that you keep can either impair or empower you. Your friends, coworkers and associates either upgrade or hinder you. Their attitudes, beliefs, actions, goals, etc. are either rays of light or suffocating weeds.

Take out a piece of paper. Draw a picture of a flower in the middle of the page. This flower is you. Now draw and number ten flowers around the picture. On a separate piece of paper write the number one and then assign a name to the first flower. Number one should be a person that has a significant place in your life. Ask yourself the following questions about the first person.

  • What role does he/she play in my life?
  • What does he/she believe about success?
  • Is he/she happy?
  • Does he/she make me happy?
  • What does he/she do consistently to help others?

Repeat this exercise for all ten flowers and then ask yourself. How healthy is your garden?

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